Do you know HARAJUKU? Maybe just a part of it. HARAJUKU is town of Diversity in Japan. You do not regret to visit HARAJUKU with ‘REAL HARAJUKU GIRL’ and Fashion Instagramer ‘rikarin’.




You can learn how to draw MANGA in your own hand with tools exclusive MANGA Drawing in English! Professional MANGA Artist is your instructor. It’s quite fun to draw your own character!



Akihabara at night

AKIHABARA! Exciting town, very famous with ‘Otaku Culture’. Now we offer new program ‘Explore AKIHABARA WITH EXPERT’! You can also enjoy ‘Pedestrian Paradise’ on Sunday!!!


New Guide! New Date! New Time! for HARAJUKU SHOP & WALK with Fashion Instagramer

Saturday or Sunday with Rikarin!
rikarin_profile in black

Tuesday or Thursday with NYUN!

Many say “Harajuku Fashion is dead”. Are you kidding?!
Harajuku Fashin never dies, because it’s vary.
Pop-cul.jp’s guides are real Harajuku Girl and Boy.
Look at them! Their fashion is in own style. That’s it! That’s Harajuku Fashion. How can it die?
You should visit Harajuku with Rikarin or NYUN, experience how real Harajuku is.
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‘MANGA DRAWING in 2 Hours’ in AKIHABARA on Monday!

Koyanagi's Inking Mangajuku - Manga Drawing 1 Day©Nihon Mangajuku

Buy ‘MANGA drawing digital soft’. It may be much easier for you to draw MANGA. ‘MANGA Drawing’ program pop-cul.jp developed with Nihon Mangajuku, you draw MANGA manually, not digitally. Traditional MANGA drawing method is totally different from digital drawing as well as from the one of Comics. Drawing tools are different, you need to learn how to use them. OK, you can learn online, but how about you can learn from an instructor by your side? Professional MANGA artist is an instructor. Are you curious? Join pop-cul.jp ‘MANGA Drawing in 2 hrs.’!
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What’s your impression on AKIHABARA? MANGA, ANIME, Maid cafe, J-pop Idols?
AKIHABARA is definitely the most wel-known pop culture town in Japan. That’s why we are ready to offer very good time in AKIHABARA!!!

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