Learn how to draw Manga with traditional tools!

Drawing Manga is fun for everybody!
There’s no reason to hesitate to draw Manga. Everybody has originality.
This program is good enough to ‘Just try’!!

All the dates & time is local time in Japan (UTC+9)


2 hrs.


10:00am to 12:00pm
1:00pm to 3:00pm
4:00pm to 6:00pm


Fee may vary depends on how many parties of you.

Number of Participants Fee per Participant
1 person JPY13,000
2 to 4 persons JPY8,000
5 to 9 persons JPY7,000
10 to 14 persons JPY5,000
1 5 to 20 persons JPY4,000

No matter of the age of participants, fee is the same.

Close to book

We close booking 7 days before date of implementation.

How to Book

You can book in the section at the bottom.
Step1: Choose how many in your party.
Step2 : Choose the date you want to participate.
Step3 : Choose time to start of the program.
Step4 : Make sure you choose correctly with Booking Summary.
Step5 : If OK, click [Checkout] to proceed payment.
First choose how many in your party, then Calendar shows up.
Please be careful when you choose numbers of participants, because fare is vary depends on how many participants you choose.