Join us and let's draw MANGA with your hand! Do you like MANGA or ANIME? It doesn't matter!
If you have ever been interested in drawing MANGA, it takes just 2 hrs. in Akihabara.
Book now!
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2hrs is not enough? You want to learn more?
We also have a 1-day (7hrs.) program to draw MANGA.
The goal is to complete one page of manga base on your original story.
And the Manga Drawing Kit (above image) is included.


Harajuku custom plan


Harajuku is one of most unique fashion town and it's always where something new is born.
This area is still growing.
You can search on social media and simply browse around the area.
But if you want to know more, contact us!


What to do in Tokyo? Draw Manga! offers pop-cultural experience program.
We have been renewing our program, and the first of all, we love to introduce “Manga Drawing Experience” in Tokyo.

Manga Drawing

Above photos are of the venue.
The venue is at Nihon Mangajyuku in Akihabara, Tokyo, it’s exclusive to cultivate professional Manga artists.
And those photos are of the classroom with full of Manga materials.
Here you can learn how to draw Manga!

Manga Drawing Programs in Akihabara

Koyanagi's Inking Mangajuku - Manga Drawing 1 Day©Nihon Mangajuku

Buy ‘MANGA drawing digital soft’. It may be much easier for you to draw MANGA. ‘MANGA Drawing’ program that developed with Nihon Mangajuku, you draw MANGA manually, not digitally. Traditional MANGA drawing method is totally different from digital drawing as well as from the one of Comics. Drawing tools are different, you need to learn how to use them.
OK, you can learn online, but how about you can learn from an instructor by your side?
Professional MANGA artist is an instructor.
Are you curious? Do you want to have fun in Tokyo?
Join ‘MANGA Drawing Programs’!
We have two different programs. Click either link for more detail.
Manga Drawing Basic Program in Akihabara
Manga Drawing 1-day in Akihabara (7hrs.)