The goal of this course is to complete 1 page of Manga.
It means you can learn all the basic skills to draw Manga which is not only with a calligraphy pen, but cutter knife (boxed knife) and screen-tone, pens to color your draw.
You are the one who make a story of 1 page.
What do you want to draw? A story of that a hero beats a villain? A story of your dream vacation? A story of your day-life? A story of your love? Or maybe your pets?
You had better to think what story you want to draw because time flies.

All the dates & time is local time in Japan (UTC+9)

Japan has one time zone and don’t have summer time (as of 2024yr)


1 day (7hrs in total, include 1hr lunch time)

What to expect

Draw 1 page of Manga (complete your story)
Make an original story (Theme is on your hand)
Manga Drawing Kit of your own (you can take it home)

Manga Manual Drawing Kit

Drawing paper exclusive for Manga
3 types of pen nibs & 1 holder
Ink (black)
Correction fluid
Calligraphy brush pen
Design cutter knife (boxed knife)
*These products may not be exactly the same.


English or Japanese

Age limitation

We have no age limitation.
Children under 12 yrs. old should be accompanied by parents or guardians.
We welcome to participant with a stroller or a wheelchair.
*You should let us know it you’re with a stroller or a wheelchair because we need to change layout of the venue.

Time of the program

From 11:00am to 6:00pm
*It includes 1hr lunch time and some break.


USD500.00 per participants

Participants Limitation

Minimum No. of Participants : 3
Maximum No. of Participants : 10
*If you are a group of more than 10, contact us before booking.
*In case that booked participants are less than 2 by 2 weeks from the date of implementation, we cancel the program on that date and refund 100% fee.

Date of Implementation

Month Date Day
July 16th Tue.
  23rd Tue.
  30th Tue.
August 20th Tue.

This is the special program only in the above dates.
*If you prefer to participate on other date, contact us.

Deadline of Booking

2 weeks before the date of implementation.
*We need certain time to arrange.

How to Book

You can book in the section at the bottom.
Step1: Choose how many in your party.
Step2 : Choose the date you want to participate.
Step3 : Make sure you choose correct number with Booking Summary.
Step4 : If OK, click [Checkout] to proceed payment.
First choose how many in your party, then Calendar shows up.