Post Novel Corona Virus – See you in HARAJUKU!

Lafore Harajuku under a state of emergency

HARAJUKU – Under a State of Emergency

Lafore Harajuku, Fashion & Culture Hub of Harajuku.

Lafore Harajuku is closed under a state of emergency in Harajuku, Tokyo Japan.
Lafore Harajuku, Fashion & Culture Hub in Harajuku.


Harajuku is empty. There’s certain amount people live in Harajuku, so you can see some are walking with doggos.
But most shops are closed.

This is Takeshita Street on May 10th, Sunday 2020.

Photo at Takeshita St., Harajuku, Tokyo Japan in May 10th 2020.
In the middle of Takeshita St., Harajuku Tokyo

It’s quite empty. Most shops are closed due to a state of emergency.

W❤️C, Cute & Colorful Clothes.

Drug Honey announced out of business in May 30th, 2020.

Drug Honey, Rock Clothing in Harajuku, Tokyo Japan.
Drug Honey, Rock Clothing in Harajuku.

Totti Candy Factory Famous for Rainbow Cotton Candy.

Totti Candy Factory is closed due to a state of emergency. In Harajuku, Tokyo Japan

MOOOSH HARAJYUKU, Squishies in Many shapes and aroma.

MOOOSH HARAJYUKU, squisies in many shape and aroma in Harajuku, Tokyo Japan.

PANAMABOY, Well-know Used Clothing Shop. 

PANAMABOY, Secondhand clothing in Harajuku, Tokyo Japan.
PANAMABOY Entrance in Harajuku.

CANDY A GO-GO, Unique Candy Shop, Good for Souvenir.

sanrio vivitix HARAJUKU, to Buy sanrio character goods and Puroland Ticket.

sanrio vivitix HARAJUKU, sanrio character goods and Puroland ticket.
sanrio vivitix HARAJUKU in Harajuku.

To Alice, Lolita Clothing.

To Alice, Lolita Clothing Shop in Harajuku, Tokyo Japan.
To Alice in Harajuku.

LISTEN FLAVOR, Harajuku Street Fashion.

LISTEN FLAVOR, Harajuku Street Fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo Japan.

PINK-latte, Young Girls Kawaii Clothing.

PINK-latte, one of popular 'Kawaii' clothing for young girls in Harajuku, Tokyo Japan.
PINK-latte in Harajuku


Alley in Ura-Hara, back street in Harajuku. You can find many shops.
Alley in Ura-Hara, back-street in Harajuku.

Caliente, Used & Vintage clothing, Denim Repair.

Caliente is Used & Vintage Clothing shop. It repair denims.
Caliente, Used & Vintage Clothing in Harajuku.

RILAKKUMA Fruits Cafe was postponed its open.

NADIA FLORES EN EL CORAZON, Selected Used Clothing.

NADIA FLORES EN EL CORAZON is used but selected clothing shop in Harajuku, Tokyo Japan.

CHICAGO, Well-known Used Clothing Shop.

CHICAGO, Used Clothing Shop in Harajuku.

6% DOKIDOKI, World Famous ‘Kawaii’ Fashion.

6% DOKIDOKI is KAWAII Fashion to the world in Harajuku, Tokyo Japan.
6% DOKIDOKI by Sebastian Masuda, in Harajuku.

HYPER CORE, Original & Harajuku-ish Brand.

HYPER CORE is very original, Harajuku-ish style shop in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan.
HYPER CORE in Harajuku.

Never ever seen such empty HARAJUKU.

It should be same in your town.
We’re not sure of anything for now, but at least in Tokyo, it’s not far that government ends a state of emergency.

We know it does not mean we all get back to normal, but to ‘New Normal’.
HARAJUKU will be back as Fashion and Cultural Standout.

See you in HARAJUKU, Tokyo Japan, when we all can travel as we want.


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