‘Harajuku’ is one of the most famous town in Japan because of its original and unique fashion.

Do you know how many ‘Lolita Style’?

  • Goth-Loli (Gothic-Lolita)
  • Hime-Loli (Princess-Lolita) and Ouji-Loli (Prince-Lolita)
  • Ama-Loli (Sweet Lolita)
  • Cla-Loli (Classical-Lolita)
  • Casu-Loli (Casual-Lolita)
  • Wa-Loli (Japanese-Lolita)
  • Natu-Loli (Natural Lolita)

More based on colors;

  • Shiro-Loli (White-Lolita)
  • Kuro-Loli (Black-Lolita)
  • Sachs Lolita
  • Pink Lolita
  • Red Lolita

Lolita fashion is just a part of Harajuku Fashion. Other than aboves;

  • Visual
  • Girly
  • Decora
  • Fairy
  • Otome (Maiden)
  • Dall
  • Shironuri (White Make-up)

and more.

Harajuku Fashion has not started with Lolita Fashion, historically Harajuku is always the place new style is born. Harajuku is tolerant. It accepts you as you are. It makes Harajuku great.

Just for fun will be fine. Try Harajuku Fashion, you will love it!