Coconut Glen’s Omotesando

Coconut Glen's - Harajuku, Tokyo Japan

After work I tried a very cool vegan and plastic-free ice cream shop in Harajuku called Coconut Glen’s !

Nyun is ordering ice cream at Coconut Glen's Omotesando, vegan ice cream shop in Harajuku.
Nyun orders vegan ice cream

It’s not hard to find a place selling ice cream in Harajuku, but let me tell you here why this one caught my attention in particular.

A nice first impression !

The shop gives some chic, tropical atmosphere that was very appreciated on this cold day.

Coconut Glen's Omotesando Entrance.
Coconut Glen’s Omotesando – shop’s exterior
Coconut Glen's Omotesando in Harajuku. Tropical exterior
Tropical exterior display

The inside is pop, modern and cute, just as what we could expect from Harajuku ~

Coconut Glen's Omotesando in Harajuku. Inside
Coconut Glen’s Omotesando – inside
Hand painted coconut shells at Coconut Glen's Omotesando. Display.
Hand painted coconut shells

There are two floors with cosy sits to enjoy your snack time.

Nyun at Coconut Glen's Omotesando, holding icecream!
Nyun at Coconut Glen’s Omotesando

Guilt-free ice cream ??

It firstly means it’s 100% vegan !

Here to replace dairy milk in ice cream, drinks and scones, coconut milk is used. Optionally it makes ice cream taste twice as better as “normal” ice cream.

Coconut Glen's Omotesando - Menu. Yammy, yammy!
Coconut Glen’s Omotesando – Menu

(You can notice the menu is also in English !)

I went for the Original, Coffee toffee, and the mystery flavor of the day which was Passion. They were very well presented and each one was delicious ! 

Nyun's Order at Coconut Glen's Omotesando . Triplet!!!
Nyun’s Order at Coconut Glen’s Omotesando

Secondly, the place in plastic free ! Starting three scoops, you get to eat your ice cream in a real coconut shell ! How awesome is that ??

Plastic Free at Coconut Glen's Omotesando.
Plastic Free at Coconut Glen’s Omotesando
Serving ice cream in coconut shells  at Coconut Glen's Omotesando in Harajuku.
Serving ice cream in coconut shells

Only two in the world !

Coconut Glen’s opened in Omotesando(Harajuku) in July 2019, but the very first Coconut Glen’s created is located in Hawaii. 
Glen is the name of its creator. He’s originally from New-York , and wanted to expand his guilt-free ice cream concept in other countries. Being a town frequented by people from everywhere in the world, he decided the second Coconut Glen’s shop would open here, in Harajuku !

 Personal pictures of Glen on a wall in the shop at Coconut Glen's Omotesando.
Personal pictures of Glen on a wall in the shop

If you’re ever craving for ice cream in Harajuku, Coconut Glen’s is definitely my best recommendation for you !!

Nyun is happy with iCoconut Glen's Ice Cream in Harajuku.
Nyun is happy with iCoconut Glen’s Ice Cream

Want to discover more places like this when you come to Harajuku ? let me show you !  You can book a tour with me just down below to spend a day in Harajuku with me !

See you soon ~

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