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Hi there~ Have you heard of the very special Lush Harajuku store specialized in kawaii bath bombs ?

Nyun at Lush Harajuku

Well no need to come to Japan to visit a Lush store, but the one I’m going to introduce you is one of a kind !
It’s the only one in the world selling exclusively bath bombs !

It’s a two floors shop that you won’t miss passing by because of the strong refreshing and floral smell that emanates from the inside.

Lush Harajuku – Entrance

My first time going there was after work on my way to the train station. I went to buy some conditioner bar but was surprised to see nothing but thousands of bath bombs on both floors !

Among all the bath bombs designs sold there, more than 80 can’t be found anywhere else ! On the first floor they sell bubbly ones and on the second they sell effervescent ones.

Lush – 1st Floor
Lush Harajuku – 2nd Floor

A sense of aesthetic !

As expected from Harajuku, every aspect of the shop has been designed to be cute and photogenic.

  • Flashing neons :
Lush Harjuku – Flashing Neons
  • Fun to look at products exposed on walls and  conveyor belts :
Lush Harajuku – Display at 1st Floor
Lush Harajuku – Display at 2nd Floor
  • Products giving magical vibes once used :
Lush Harajuku – Wall Display

So modern !

They have their own smartphone application called LushLabs that recognizes bath bombs and shows you all the informations you need to know about the product you scan !

Lush Harajuku – Scanning product
Lush Harajuku – Scanned!

And many languages or disponible !

A special nod to Harajuku !

As you can see on the app, each bath bomb has its own name. And there is one which name is no other than « Harajuku ».
Wow ! What could Harajuku town look, smell, and feel like as a bath ??
I tried it for you !!!

Lush Harajuku – Nyun tried the bath bomb

“Harajuku” displayed at the shop

Lush Harajuku – Bath Bombs Melting
Lush Harajuku – Bath Bomb Melted

An eco-conscious brand !!

On top of being famous for being a vegan brand (no milk or honey used in products and not tested on animals), Lush is very environmentally friendly : no plastic is used to wrap products and you can even opt for reusable different cute pattern tissues made of recycled plastic bottles to wrap bath bombs in.

Lush Harajuku – Colorful Wrapping Tissue

Japanese bath culture being very developed you can be sure any Japanese person would be happy to receive a bath bomb as a present ! Before offering it, you can try wrapping it in a Furoshiki style (Japanese traditional wrapping art) with the tissues proposed at the store.

Example of Furoshiki using Lush cloth

Lush Harajuku – Wrapped

I talked with a lovely seller who was using one as a headband !!

Lush Harajuku – Nyun with Shopkeeper

As we talked, she showed me two original furoshiki cloth with “Harajuku” written on them.

Lush Harajuku – Original ‘Furoshiki’ cloth 1

Here “Harajuku” is written in Japanese: 原宿

Lush Harajuku – Original ‘Furoshiki’ 2

One more thing you may not know is that all the glitter that makes Lush’s bath bombs so shiny in your bathtub is 100% natural ! So no need to worry about micro-plastic being dumped in our precious oceans 😉

Lush Harajuku – Glittering Midnight Blue

Did you enjoy blog-visiting this shop ? I can show you many many other cool places when you come to Harajuku !! All you need is booking a day with me on our website ♡

See you soon ~

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