MOOOSH Harajuku

Moooah Harajuku, Tokyo Japan Squishy Shop

All along Takeshita street you will encounter a lot of theses colorful squishy toys. But did you know there is a shop in Harajuku that sells exclusively squishies ? It’s called Mooosh !

Mooosh Harajuku, Squishy Shop, Tokyo Japan
Mooosh Harajuku Logo
Mooosh Harajuku Entrance, Tokyo Japan
Mooosh Harajuku shop

What are squishies made for ?

They come in all shapes and sizes and just as there name indicates they are  made to be squished~ They stimulate a lot of your senses (touch, sight, smell) and just makes you feel more relaxed and genuinely happier. They can even makes you more concentrated ! This concept may sound like a waste of time to some, while others can’t live without them anymore !

Colorful Bear Squirshy
Bear Squishy

Cuteness overload !

Smooosh’s inside is exceptionally cute ! Hundreds of squishies on shelves are waiting for you to choose them ♡

Animal Squishies Display
Display – Animal Squishies
Rabbit & Bear Squishies
Cute Rabbit and Bear Squishies

  It’s not only about the products, the whole shop is echoing to Harajuku. Here have a look at the walls ↓

Mooosh Interior - Wall full of cute drawings
Mooosh Interior – Wall

A perfect Instagram photospot !

Coming to this shop you won’t resist taking out your phone to make some pictures … and it’s completely ok ! They even prepared for you a place where you can swim in a peach squishies pool !!

The Best Instagram Photospot - peechy, peechy!!!
The Best Photospot

Of course  I gave it a try ~

Nyun at photospot in Mooosh Harajuku, Tokyo Japan
Nyun at Photospot, Mooosh Harajuku, Tokyo
Nyun at photospot in Mooosh Harajuku - holding peaches!
Nyun at photospot in Mooosh Harajuku

It was so much fun ! I could stay in there forever !!

Peach heaven !

Peach squishies are the stars of  Mooosh Harajuku right now. There are giant peaches for sale. I’ve never seen such a big squishy !

Touching Giant Peach Squishy Sample
Giant Peach Squishy Sample

They smell good ??

I almost forgot to tell you that peaches smell like peaches !! Every single product in this shop has a unique smell which is not always the case in Takeshita Street. It makes the whole shop smelling sooo good~  
Realistic food-looking squishies are particularly fun to smell. You almost want to take a bite, haha.

Food Squishies - Loos Edible!!!
Food Squishies – Loos Edible!!!

This shelve looks like a supermarket one.

This is not edible. Don't put it into your mouth!
Warning – Not Edible!!!

Let’s play lottery !

If you are hesitant on which Squishy to choose, you can try Smooosh’s lottery. You pay first and then pick up a number (written on a baby peach !) in a box that corresponds to a prize.

Here again I tried !

Nyun try lottery, picking one of numbers in the box.
Pick on in the box!
Nyun picks one in the box, gets No.3!
Nyun picks one in the box, gets No.3!

And this is what I won : an ice unicorn and a marshmallow bear ♡ 

Unicorn Squishy @ Nyun won.
Unicorn Squishy
Marshmallow Bear Squishy
 Mini Marshmallow Bear

They’re so so cute ! I put them as a decoration on my shelves and they smell very good ! Now my place smells like strawberry ice cream and marshmallow ~ so relaxing .

Nyun's Place - Welcome Unicorn and Mini Mashmallow Bear!
Nyun’s Place – Welcome Unicorn and Mini Mashmallow Bear!
Close view of Unicorn & Marshmallow Bear in shelf
Close view of Unicorn & Marshmallow Bear in shelf

Good to know !

If you subscribe to the newsletter you get 10% on your purchase.

How to register membership to get 10% discount! - instore poster
How to register membership to get 10% discount!

Thank you for reading until the end !

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Let’s have fun in Harajuku ( ◠‿◠ )

See you soon~ ! ☆

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Thanks for reading! from Nyun
Thanks for reading! from Nyun

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