Held MANGA DRAWING Pilot Program on Jan. 4, 2018!

Daughter's Beta

Started at 1:00pm, pop-cul.jp collaborating with Nihon Mangajuku, held the very first experiecne program of ‘MANGA Drawing’.

First, ‘MANGA Drawing Basic Kit’ was handed over to everyone joined program.
MANGA Drawing Basic Kit

‘MANGA Drawing Basic Kit’ contains,
MANGA Manuscript Papers – 40 sheets
Penholder (Calligraphy Pen) x 1
Pen Nibs – G x 5, Kabura x 5, Maru x 5
Matt Ink – Black x1
Design Knife x 1
Screentone x 9
Cutting Mat x 1
Miss-non (White) x1

Lecturer at pilot program is,

Masahiro IWASAWA

Masahiro Iwasawa,
MANGA Artist of ‘Yakyu Shiyoze!’ and ‘SUB TEN’.








Mr. Shinano, President of Nihon Mangajuku, opened the new ‘MANGA Drawing’ experience program.
Mom and daughter participated.

MANGA - Face Drawing

Iwasawa Sensei explains how get well balanced in drawing character’s face.

Daughter's Drawing1

Daughter’s Drawing.
Representing good at drawing!

Koyanagi's Drawing1

Ms. Koyanagi’s Drawing.
Assistant of MANGA Drawing Experience Program.
Representing professional!

Shachoo!'s Drawing1

Shachoo! of pop-cul.jp Drawing.
Representing very bad at drawing.

Now, start using Calligrapy Pen!
It’s not easy to use for the first time.
We watched video how to prepare Calligraphy Pen.
Calligraphy Pen Video






And try drawing lines with G nib. G nib is very flexible, can draw both thin and thick lines.

Drawing Lines

Then, start ‘Inking’ !

Daughter's Inking

Holy Christ!
She draws lines steadily!

Koyanagi's Inking

Koyanagi’s Inking.
Geeeeeeee, professional!

Shachoo!'s Inking

Shachoo!’s Inking.
She needs white, definitely!

After Inking, we try to do ‘Beta (Spot Filling)’ and ‘Screentone’.

Daughter's BetaDaughter's Screentone

Beta to Screentone.
She is really good!

Koyanagi's Screentone

Koyanagi's Beta.

Have no words.
Using Screentone is very sophisticated.

OK, now, how about pop-cul.jp’s CEO?

Shachoo!'s Beta

Shachoo!s Screentone

Oooops! She touched wet ink…
Trying to fix with Screentone.
Soooooo serious!

Mom and Daughter’s Drawing. Incredible! It’s just like Mom and Daughter!!!

Mom&Daughter Finish

Koyanagi’s Work. Yes, it’s hand-drawing MANGA!!!Koyanagi's Work

Shachoo!’s Work.
Shachoo!'s Work

In her childhood, she was judged “You are really bad at drawing”. Then she totally quit drawing anything.
However, she did good job!
Iwasawa Sensei said to her “It has some kind of style”.

At the end of program, took a group photo with Iwasawa Sensei, Mom and Daughter, Ms. Koyanagi. We framed Mom and Daughter’s work, they took it back home!
Group Photo

Only one lecturer but 4 different persons left four different style of MANGA Drawing.
Why not you?!
‘MANGA Drawing in One Day’ program starts in Feburary 19, 2018. Join us!

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