Carry out Harajuku Fashion Experience Pilot Program on Dec. 27!

Can choose panel.

Just Take a look what happened!

Yesterday, on Dec. 27, carried out pilot program of ‘SHOP AND WALK WITH A FASHION INSTAGRAMER’ at Harajuku, of course.
Time: 1:00pm to 5:00pm
Meeting Place: Harajuku Station (Japan Rail) Takeshitadori Exit.

  This is Omotesando Exit.

No other place is good enough to start, Takeshitadori.


“OMG! Are we getting in there?!” Yes!

Girls - Pilot Program


“Ittekimaaaaasu!” by rikarin -guide-, and Mion-chan, Nanami-chan.




Many stores in small building. Means use stairs, up and down.

Girls2 - Pilot Program



Visited Lolita Fashion store.





Well, don’t forget to take photos. So many Instagood spots.

Can choose panel.


Colorful Bear

LINE store

Dropped by Pet Shop.
It is typical for Japanese to meet the best friends.

Pet Shop


“Soooooooo, cute!”
“Cannot leave this baby behind!!!”




We visit Owl cafe on Takeshitadori.

Owl Cafe2



Sato-san, a participant, likes owls!

OK, everyone get bit tired and thirsty. It’s time for break.
We visit ‘Reissue’, 3-D Latte Art Cafe.
All of us order Latte Art.

Clockwork from left;
Pigmon (’s Presidnt’s nickname),
Tokyo Tower,
Dennis (from

Isn’t it great?!?!?!

Cafe takes photo of you at the site, or you can show you your photo. Popular character, just name it.
To create Tokyo Tower, they use spoon! Clever!

How it pilot program?
Since visiting place is different on your favor, every time course is different.

You think it can be fun? We sure it is! launch ‘SHOP AND WALK WITH FASHION INSTAGRAMER’ on January 17, 2018.

Good news!
A week before launch, offers pilot program one more time!
You can enjoy ‘SHOP AND WALK WITH FASHION INSTAGRAMER’ Experience Program for free!
Date and Time: 1:00pm to 5:00pm Jan.10, 2018

For booking and details, please click here to Peatix.

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