NINJYA – Stealth in black costume, hardly to know who they are. Moving very fast in silent. Confuse people with illusion in darkness. Don’t speak much but speak exclusive language just communicable among groups. Use original tools. Play a roll of intelligent agent for Shogun or Daimyo. Ready to fight in any time.

SAMURAI – Wear particular costumes, always train both mentally and physically, prepare to battle. Well organized for battle, show absolute obedience to bosses. Be modest with calligraphy, tea, or flower arrangement, keep mind sooth. Live frugally, care its family and co-workers, but once in a battlefield, bravely take a lead to fight.

In general, image of NINJA & SAMURAI is like that. NINJA & SAMURAI is cool and strong.

It is easy to imagine you should be able to run fast, jump high, strong enough to use heavy sword.

No way! Cannot wait to train yourself enough to be NINJYA or SAMURAI.

You don’t need to. team will show you how to pretend to be NINJA or SAMURAI.

Just wait until 2018, details will be announced once ready to go.